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Business Coach John Curran
Business Coach John Curran
Business Coach John Curran

Business Coach John Curran Business Coach John Curran Business Coach John Curran
Business Coach John Curran
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Business Coach John Curran
Business Coach John Curran
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Self Empowerment Coach John Curran


Book Testimonial

Business Coach John Curran“This book has been added as a permanent part of my personal library.”  World Authority on Leadership Psychology and author of Unlimited Power".

 -Anthony Robbins

“Make it happen in a big way!” -- Stedman Graham author of You Can Make it Happen.

“I hope the book will help others be inspired. As you say, focus, focus, focus!” -- William Farrell Ph.D. Professor at the University of California and author of Why Men Are The Way They Are.

“Through his inspirational thoughts and guidance, obstacles become doors and situations become opportunities.” -- John Olbrich, President of American Security Mortgage.

Highlights of TV Interview About Life Coaching

"John is an incredible mentor and knowledgeable coach. I can tell you that John will work like crazy to make sure you get the most out of your life. He is committed to your success and true through and through. I highly recommend John if you are serious about making significant changes in your life for the better. John is definitely someone you want to associate and mastermind with." -Kevin R. Levine, CEO and Founder of Belief Equals Possibility LLC and Creator of the "Ask Mister Self Help" Tele-seminar Series.

"John's coaching has helped to produce outstanding results in both my business and personal life by introducing me to new perspectives". -David Teubner, Founder of

"His teaching provided me with a clear focus on making the transition into life coaching from my present career".-Jorge Lopez, Certified Coach Practitioner

"John's teaching was very valuable and gave me many tools to bring my business to the next level".
-Karyn Dauwer, CCP, Business Coach

Speaking Testimonial

"I just want to thank you for the seminar you gave at the Colonial Hotel in Gardner, MA. I learned so much! There are a couple of things that really stuck in my mind about what you said. One thing is that our body is our feedback system. I agree with that so much. When I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the first thing that happens to me is my stomach hurts! I use to accept this and for the past couple of months I have learned to be able to calm myself down and look at things differently so that the stress literally can go away just by the way I am thinking. Just like what you said. " When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". I believe that that is so true. The second thing that sticks in my mind is gratitude. I feel that so many people take things for granted, and I'll admit that there are things that I take for granted too. I am going to try from this day forward to be more grateful AND express it. Because I feel that it is also important. There are a lot of things that you said that reminded me of Ester Hicks, which is why I asked you at the end of the seminar if you listened to her. I have been listening to her for a couple of months now, and I have been able to hear (more like feel!) my stress triggers. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and talking with you after the seminar, and I wanted to express that to you. I feel like we had a real connection, thank you". - Kelly Stanley, Success Coach

Life coaches aren't counselors or therapists; they are not usually qualified to diagnose or treat mental health matters. The life coaches' primary role is to provide a system that makes it easier for their clients to achieve their goals.

Life coaching helps individuals live their lives to the fullest by introducing new perspectives to realize hidden potential. Life coaches offer tools to identify limiting beliefs that sabotage growth. Good coaching naturally creates an arena to build new expanding, constructive beliefs. Life coaching helps individuals identify strengths and weaknesses and provides strategies for personal development based on their client's strengths.

Why People Hire A Coach...

Here are some of the most common reasons why people hire coaches:

  • To move ahead professionally and personally!
  • To learn strategies and ideas to increase overall productivity!
  • To integrate a structured system to aid in setting and achieving goals!
  • To achieve more balance between work and home life!
  • To reach important career or personal goals!
  • To learn how to tap into their higher selves and live with
    more meaning and purpose!
  • To receive open, direct, honest feedback that is objective and constructive!
  • To learn how to identify and correct negative beliefs and habits that sabotage success!
  • To identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses!
  • To keep them focused and moving toward their goals!

Many companies now offer the services of a qualified life coach to employees who may be laid off or who have decided to retire. Many leading divorce attorneys pay for a one hour consultation with a local life coach for clients who are going through a marriage break up. It's just good business to provide this kind of service. A good coach can help identify the hidden strengths, passions and deep rooted desires of their clients. But, more importantly, they can, AND DO, help their clients create a plan of action to turn dreams into reality!

Life coaches help their clients identify good habits, which move their lives forward, and bad habits which hold them back. Moreover, it's the coach's responsibility to provide the necessary guidance and support to facilitate their client's objectives.

Self Empowerment Coach John Curran
Business Coach John Curran Business Coach John Curran Business Coach John Curran

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